2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Limited

New Paint
Toyota’s of this year had a problem with the clear coat deteriorating. We had the entire car repainted about a year ago
Straight Body
The car is accident free and has a straignt body with virtually no dings, scrapes or fitment problems
Full Leather Interior
This Avalon Limited has a full leather interior. It shows a few signs of wear, but it’s been professionally treated and cleaned.
Well Cared For
The car has been serviced by Toyota throughout it’s entire life. You’ll see the CARFAX shows each service it’s received. All records are available through Toyota
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Priced at $14,500.00 – Compare it…

Well cared for local car…

This Avalon Hybrid Limited was purchased in December 2013 at Toyota of Tampa Bay. It was with us in Tampa for the first 5 years we owned it, and then it came with us when we moved to Titusville, FL where it is now.

All 97,000 miles have been driven in Florida… in fact, it’s never even been outside of the state!  It hasn’t been on the beach and mostly it’s been used to buy groceries, drive to see friends between Tampa & Titusville and primarily local transportation.

CARFAX indicated damage in 2018. That damage it refers to was when a tire and wheel were stolen in our driveway.  We took it to Mike Erdman Toyota to have it inspected to make sure there was no additional damage.  Both the tire and wheel were replaced with new Toyota equipment.

Clean CARFAX, Title & Documntation…

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No rust, no damage, great maintenance

Virtually all maintenance has been done by Toyota, so all records are available from then. The hybrid battery was replaced in December of 2022 with a brand new OEM Toyota battery. It had shorted out during the hurricane in November 2022. State Farm Insurance covered the battery and records of it’s replacement are available by receipt as well as the insurance company.

We have maintained all maintenance records and since Toyota dealerships have done virtually all of the work, you’ll find the records there as well.

Tires are at approximately half life so, based on the fact we got 65,000 miles from the first set of tires I would expect similar mileage of the second set since those tires were replaced with the exact OEM tires. We purchased them at Sam’s Club.  You’ll see that purchase and their replacement in the CARFAX in the Sam’s Club reference.

Where can I see the car?

The Car is kept at our home in Titusville, Florida. I’ve included a map so you’ll be able to find us no matter where you live!  We have the title in hand, so a quick transaction is easy and the Florida DMV is located nearby. That way you can transfer your tag or purchase a new one without much trouble.

Please give us a call at (386) 314-7575 or send an email to danwtsa@yahoo.com for any additional questions.  We will be happy to show you the vehicle by appointment and answer any questions you may have.

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